Get out the camping gear, we’re taking this party to the backyard! Check out these five fun backyard camping activities the next time your kiddos don’t want to stay inside.


Backyard Obstacle Course

Time to use all that energy the kids have for a backyard obstacle course. Have them army-crawl under the patio table, hop through a hula-hoop, leap across the garden hose and run a lap around the flower beds.


DIY Tent

A DIY tent is a fun solution if you don’t want to dig through your camping gear. Check out these great tips from The Merrythought for perfecting your backyard tent.

Glow Stick Lanterns

Flames can be dangerous in the backyard. These glow stick lanterns are simple to make, and a drop of dish soap will help them glitter is the dark.


Grilled S’more Banana Packets

Whip up a “healthier” s’more with these grilled s’more banana packets (pictured above).  Gooey perfection without too much mess.


Backyard Movie

Wind down the night with a backyard movie. All you need is a video projector – there are some great cheap options out there – and a white bed sheet. Of course, don’t forget the kid’s favorite film.


You don’t have to trek into the wilderness to enjoy some camping fun with the family. Come check out our amazing patio furniture sets to enjoy the summer breeze during some obstacle course running.

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