May 1, 2017

Eli Avens


Outpost Sunsport has been lucky to have Eli on the team for six years now! She loves the family feel and comradery that comes with working for a local and family-owned business. Eli loves to visit Keystone, with its magnificent beauty and great trails. Although she is no longer able to ski due to a back injury, Eli doesn’t mind staying behind and cooking for her boys while they snowboard. Her sons are 24 and 18 years old and love hiking, biking, and even enjoying electric scooters! Eli’s family has an impressive amount of pets, although not all of them enjoy the wintertime as much as her kids do. They have a Schnoodle named King, a tortie cat named Kyle, a tarantula, a turtle, and several snakes and scorpions! When Eli needs a break from the pets, you can catch her enjoying a Rose with bubbles at Odell.

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