May 1, 2018

Randy Morgan


Randy has been at the helm of the Outpost ship for 50 years! As the owner of Outpost Sunsport, he loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with customers every day so that they may find the same enjoyment. Randy is a nature lover through and through and spends his free time downhill and backcountry skiing, hiking, biking and golfing – anything to be outside and get some exercise. He’ll tell you that his favorite ski slope is the one with the most powder on it. Randy loves the local breweries and eateries as much as any Fort Collins resident; you can catch him enjoying an Odell 90 Schilling or a plate at La Buena Vida. When given the opportunity to take a three day weekend, Randy loves to spend it anywhere outside, as long as it’s with his wife, Nancy.

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