Outpost Sunsport makes it a point to offer many American-made brands, including Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture, Lloyd Flanders, OW Lee, Telescope Casual Furniture, and Woodard. These are authentic and not imitations found elsewhere!

Here are a few reasons why supporting American-made products is significant:

Jobs: Purchasing American-made products supports domestic industries and contributes to job creation within the country. When you buy products made in the United States, you support American manufacturers, their employees, and the communities in which they operate. O.W. Lee pledges to support U.S. workers and continue their commitment to quality and value. Over 50% of our workforce has been with us for over ten years.

Economic Growth: By choosing American-made products, you contribute to the growth of the national economy. The manufacturing sector plays a vital role in the overall financial health of a country, and supporting domestic industries helps strengthen the economy. Telescope Casual Furniture is diligent in making positive economic and philanthropic impacts; they provide stable employment for over 250 employees while also supporting youth and nonprofit organizations. 

Quality and Safety Standards: American-made products are often subject to stringent quality and safety standards imposed by regulatory bodies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These standards help ensure that the products you purchase meet specific quality benchmarks and adhere to safety guidelines. Woodard outdoor furniture has been made in Owosso, Michigan, for over 150 years with materials and construction that far surpass the industry standards. Their All-Weather Woven furniture uses cutting-edge HDPE fibers, hand-woven over a painted aluminum frame. This combination of resilient, weather-resistant materials will last for years.

Environmental Considerations: Buying products manufactured in the United States can have positive environmental implications. Supporting local manufacturing reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and promotes sustainability. Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture rescues thousands of HDPE jugs and water bottles from America’s waste streams and recycles them into poly lumber to create maintenance-free, stylish furniture that is affordably priced. Each day Breezesta rescues over 100,000 pounds of recycled plastic before it can be buried in landfills. 

Ethical Manufacturing Practices: American manufacturers are often held to higher standards regarding labor and manufacturing practices when compared to other countries.  By choosing American-made products, you can support companies prioritizing fair wages, safe working conditions, and responsible production methods. For over 150 years, Woodard products have been handcrafted and assembled right here in the USA; the outside world rarely sees the pride and the number of hands that touch each piece. From raw steel shipments to forming, welding, sanding, painting, fabrics, finishing, quality control, and shipping, the men and women of Woodard’s factory floor handcraft each piece of iron and aluminum furniture. And they do it with the attention to detail and the rugged durability that our customers have come to expect. And they do it, so the piece you purchase tomorrow will be there well into the future.

Innovation and Technological Advancements: Supporting American-made products encourages innovation and technological advancements within the country. When industries receive support, they can invest in research and development, leading to new and improved products and processes. Innovation has been the hallmark of Lloyd Flanders, the leading all-weather wicker manufacturer in the United States. The company introduces updated materials, processes, finishes, and seating each new season.

Overall, shopping for American-made products benefits the economy, supports local communities, fosters sustainable practices, and ensures adherence to high-quality and safety standards. When you are ready to purchase high-quality American Made outdoor furnishings, call 970.225.1455, click, or visit Outpost Sunsport at 931 E. Harmony Road, #1 today!

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