As Northern Colorado’s leading one-stop-shop for all your outdoor lifestyle needs, we take pride in offering everything you need for ski season – including outerwear, eyewear, equipment and ski gear. We carry the finest lines of men, women and kid-specific ski gear, whether you’re new to the slopes or a pro.

Our experts will take the time to properly understand your needs and discuss which equipment is right for you; we don’t over-sell nor will we cut corners – our goal is to set you up for the best mountain experience! Before visiting Outpost, think about where you’ll be skiing, the type of terrain and snow, your skiing ability and the skiing activity.

The most popular form of skiing is downhill skiing. Generally, if you are a new or cautious skier, you’ll want shorter skis. Longer skis help you maneuver fast turns, and so are favored by those who enjoy speed or racing. As Coloradans we have the privilege of enjoying frequent fresh powder, so you’ll also want to consider a wide ski that floats well on fresh snow. If you’re more of a free spirit who enjoys jumps and flips, take a look at park skis, formerly known as “twin tips.” Whatever the preference, the Outpost team will take the time to determine what type of equipment is right for you.

Offering the Best Ski Experience

Outpost offers skis with different dimensions and profiles to suit your ski experience. The ski’s profile adjusts the amount of pressure placed on the snow to change the energy and edge control to help you attack different terrain. There are three ski profiles to consider: camber, rocker and flat. Camber is a slight upward curve in the middle of a ski. It requires precision and power by the skier and is best on groomed terrain or harder snow. As you would expect, rocker skis have the tip and tail turned up. Primarily used for soft snow, rocker skis float over powder and have less chance of “catching” an edge. Finally, skis that are flat between the tip and the tail offer better edge grip than rockers, but better handling than cambers.

If you’re planning on seeking out the solitude of backcountry skiing, we’ll prepare you not only with the right skis, but also with all the gear needed to ensure a safe outing. Outpost carries avalanche transceivers, snow shovels and multi-tools. We have skins that attach to the bottom of skis to provide extra traction, different bindings for bracing the foot, a variety of ski poles and more. We’ll also help remind you of other essentials like flashlights, sunscreen and layers.

Individualized Ski & Boot Fittings

To ensure that your boots are 100 percent individualized, we offer custom insoles and boot fittings. We account for the variations in men’s and women’s ski boot needs. You might notice women’s ski boots are shorter. This accounts for the fact that women’s calves are closer to their ankles. Having a shorter boot allows the cuff to be below the calf muscle for more comfort and easier slip-on. Women’s feet are also narrower than men’s, so the shape of the boot’s foot is different. Throw in the consideration of weight, flexibility and boot location, there is a great deal to factor when being sized for a new ski boot.

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