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Servicing customers and employees is our focus each and every day at Outpost Sunsport. The safety and health of those who have supported Outpost Sunsport over the years is a top priority. Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) surfaced, we have been closely monitoring the situation making changes to help keep our customers and team safe.

With the effects of the outbreak now close to home, I wanted to take the time to share what we have been doing to help protect our employees and give our customers a safe and comfortable environment in which to shop.

The cleanliness of our store has always been a top priority for us, but now it’s more important than ever. In addition to our regular cleaning routines, we are:

  • Instructing employees to frequently wash their hands throughout the day
  • Diligently cleaning and sanitizing rental equipment
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning throughout the store, with particular emphasis on high traffic areas

And as much as we value our outdoor sales experts, they are permitted to take paid sick leave to avoid any financial hardship.

These precautions are made with you and our staff team in mind. We will continue to closely follow updates and recommendations from health agencies and government officials, adjusting procedures when necessary, to maintain a safe shopping experience for everyone.

We look forward to continuing to be your go-to retailer for outdoor sports and patio needs.

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