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Boot Fitting

Ready to ditch your uncomfortable ski or snowboard boots?

Your boots are what connect you to your skis or board. Having a properly fitting boot allows you to control your equipment, reduces fatigue/discomfort and increases performance. Sit down with one of our experienced boot fitters to assess your foot shape and discuss your skiing/riding goals and ability. We have a large selection of boots to fit every foot shape!

Once a boot has been chosen, the next step is to support the foot with a Custom Footbed. Skiing and riding is a very dynamic activity that requires your feet to do a lot of twisting and balancing which causes fatigue. Foot fatigue reduces comfort, control and time on the hill. Custom Footbeds work to support your foot by matching your natural arch shape, doing most of the balancing and reducing movement within the boot transferring all your work into the skis. We invite you to come by and feel the difference the right boot can make.

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