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5 Fire Pit Desserts for the Perfect Summer Night

There’s no better way to enjoy a cool summer night than around a fire pit while sharing a snack with family, friends or that special someone. We simply can’t stop making these desserts that will keep you warm and leave a smile on your face. So grab a blanket and your appetite, we’re sitting around the fire pit tonight.

Ultimate S’MORES : Chocolate Rolo S’MORES

A campfire classic that you will get roasted for if you don’t enjoy it. The twist is placing a Rolo mini inside of your marshmallow for caramel-chocolate goodness. We can’t wait for these to ooze between some gram crackers tonight.

Chocolate Rolo S’MORES

Campfire Orange Cakes

It seems a little crazy, but trust us - crazy is where you want to go with this. You can chuck them in the fire and forget about them while you find your favorite frosting for the ultimate cake experience.

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie with Caramel and Sea Salt

Deep dish isn’t just for pizza. You’ll need a cast iron skillet and cookie dough. How simple is that? Time to move on, this photo has our mouth watering.

Grilled Caramel Apples

When in doubt, trust in Betty Crocker to have the perfect treat. You won’t be able to have a normal caramel apple after you sink your teeth into these slices of heaven.

Brown Bears

These twists are simple and brilliant. Take your ordinary dough and turn it into an extraordinary dessert. Safe for the whole family and minimal clean up at the end of the night.

Don’t have a fire pit in your backyard? No problem – stop by Outpost and we’ll get you all set to enjoy these scrumptious desserts by the fire pit. Now where did that marshmallow bag go? We need another s’mores.

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