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5 Patio Accessories Under $100

Increase your patio’s ambiance with these great accessories that won’t break the piggy bank. Take the easy road by purchasing something or whip up some of these DIY creations for extra fun this summer.


String Bulb Lights

From parties to relaxing nights on the patio, string bulb lights are a great alternative to basic outdoor lighting. You can find bulbs that have bright or muted light to fit the mood you want for your patio.

Driftwood Lights

These driftwood lights are an easy DIY project that only requires driftwood, candles and a drill. You can search around for the perfect pieces of driftwood or purchase (Try a craft store or Amazon) to make this project move quicker. Drill holes in the top of the wood and add your favorite candles. A rustic yet classy patio decoration.


Lanterns are perfect for any patio occasion. They vary in size, price and what fuels their light. Perfectly portable for any nighttime adventure, it’s up to you to choose the lantern that resonates with your soul.

Mason Jar Tree Lights

Another little DIY project that is the best way to get motivated to enjoy your patio. Fill the mason jars one-third full of sand and nestle a small candle inside. Use heavy twine to hang the jars from your trees - or rooftop - in groups at different heights.

Glow in the Dark Paint

Here’s where you can get creative and make your patio uniquely yours: glow-in-the-dark paint. White or light colored objects work best and can be applied on wood, metal, drywall and plastic. The painted object will need to be charged by the sun for several hours before radiating light after the sun goes down. Now…what to paint?

Patio Pillows

Dress up your patio furniture with our great selection of pillows. They’re the perfect addition to you and your guest’s overall comfort of outdoor enjoyment.

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