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5 Patio Upgrades for Your Outdoor Living Space

Those fold-up lawn chairs, box-store tiki torches and hand-me-down speakers just won't cut it anymore. Create a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space with these five patio upgrades.

Floral Decor

We're not talking about grandma's flower pattern couch from the 80's. From potted plants to shrubs, trees and tall grasses, adding floral decorations to your outdoor living space creates a relaxed atmosphere and added privacy.

Deep Seated Patio Furniture

Remember those fold-up lawn chairs we mentioned? Put them with your camping gear and upgrade to some luxury, deep-seated patio furniture. Deep-seated patio furniture provides superior relaxation to lounge in for long hours while reading a book, catching up on work or enjoying some good company.


Outdoor lights are a perfect addition to enjoy your patio space – no more flashlight-guided nights. Tall lamps, decorative lights and low-level lights add some needed visibility once the sun is gone.

Fire Pits

It might feel like you're in the middle of the desert during the day in Colorado, but once the sun falls, the weather can become a bit chilly. Keep your outdoor space comfy well into the night with a gas-powered fire pit. There's no hassle of getting and chopping firewood, and gas-powered fire pits are easier to start and keep clean.

Built-in Speakers

Please tell us you aren't playing your music out of the speakers on your phone. There are dozens of options to upgrade your speaker game, from full-on systems to Bluetooth portable speakers, you won't look back. The best solution to not to annoy the neighbors is to invite them over.


Bring out the enjoyment of your outdoor living space with these five patio upgrades. Not sure about what you need? Give us a call or come in and we'll talk you through what will fulfill your patio dreams.


*Outpost Sunsport does not carry lights or speakers.

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