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You don’t have to leave home to have some fun this summer. These great backyard games will keep kids and adults entertained. Plus, most of them are really easy to make!

1: FOOTBALL TOSS: We know there are a lot of football fans in our area, so this would be a perfect game to set up for guests to test their skills. Tailor the game with your favorite team colors, too. Source


2: OVERSIZED TWISTER: This classic game never goes out of style. It even gets better on a bigger scale by spray painting the board on your lawn. Source

3: WATER RELAY: Part of summer fun is getting wet. Here’s a game you can spontaneously put together with a few buckets or cups of water, simply called “Pass the Water.” Source

4: GIANT KERPLUNK: Get nostalgic with this oversized Kerplunk game you can DIY using tomato cages, PVC pipes and ball pit balls. Source

5: BACKYARD MINIATURE GOLF: Using toys, books and other household items, you can build a pretty snazzy miniature golf course right in your own backyard! Source

6: OLYMPIC GAMES: Get really competitive by hosting your own version of the Olympics right in your backyard. Use pool noodles to create the famous Olympic rings. Javelin throw, balance beam and discus throw are easy “events” to duplicate. Source

7: GLOW IN THE DARK RING TOSS: Keep the fun going after dark with a glow in the dark ring toss game! Double up the rings to make them a little heavier and easier to toss. Source

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