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A Sit Down with Andrea about Patio Furniture

Andrea | A Sit Down with Andrea about Patio Furniture | Outpost SunsportAre you shopping for new patio furniture to spruce up your backyard but don’t know what you’re looking for? No worries! We sat down with Andrea, one of our experts at Outpost Sunsport, to get the inside information about this popular patio addition. 

When someone refers to deep-seated, what does that mean?

When we ask if you are looking for deep seating, it is typically not-for-dining and comfortable for an outdoor living area, same as indoor family room seating. 

What is the typical depth of foam filler in cushions for deep seated furniture?

Our deep seating items typically have a cushion depth of 4-6 inches, with an open cell foam filler that allows the cushion to drain properly and dry quickly.

Sectionals or standalone chairs – what are some of your favorite brands? 

Our sectionals from Kettler are popular. We also have the Palma collection which is a rattan weave and Timber that is aluminum frame. For standalone chairs, the Woodard Cortland is my favorite comfort wise, while the Telescope Leeward is a very close second.

Cleaning outdoor furniture – what do I need on-hand for spills?

Cleaning outdoor furniture is easy! You can use any mild detergent or cleaner with water and your garden hose to wash and clean your set.  We also stock a spray fabric/upholstery cleaner from Treasure Garden for $26, along with a host of other products including covers that offer care and protection for your outdoor furniture purchase.

Screenshot 2022 04 28 111016 | A Sit Down with Andrea about Patio Furniture | Outpost Sunsport
Ratana - Genval

What’s the “in” design for outdoor furniture this season for patio living?

The “in” design this season is dura rope that is showcased in our Ratana line Genval and Ria dining chairs, it is an all-weather rope and has a great look and feel.

Are you an Adirondack, rocker or deep-seated type of person?

Adirondack? Rocker? Deep Seating? Depends on the application, but a swivel rocking deep seating chair is the way to go!

Is there a color that’s more popular than others?

The most popular color is the one that best goes with your outdoor surroundings and your home; it’s like an extension of your indoors. With more and more people enjoying time outside on their patios and creating beautiful outdoor living spaces, it seems the trend has been gray with a pop of color in pillows or an umbrella!

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