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A Table Talk with Matt about Dining Furniture

Matt | A Table Talk with Matt about Dining Furniture | Outpost SunsportPatio dining tables are one of the most important features of any outdoor living space, not just for their functionality, but for their ability to bring people together. They come in such a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is one for every outdoor space. There are so many options that it can seem overwhelming to pick the perfect table for you. Luckily, we asked Outpost Sunsport Store Manager, Matt, to break down the options and accessories offered in our store.

How many different patio dining tables does Outpost have in their showroom this season? 

We have at least 15-20 different patio dining tables in our showroom. Different sizes, shapes, styles all to complement your outdoor living space. We also have a Dining Fire Table this season. One of my favorites!

Are there patio dining tables that can extend in size when needed for larger gatherings? 

Yes there are. It used to be that we only had tables that extended in length. This season we have tables that also extend in height with the simple push of a button! 

What does it take to keep a patio dining table around for years? Do we need to winterize it? 

We sell the very best in patio accessories that can stand up to the Colorado winters and the direct heat of our summers. Patio furniture is an investment and like with any investment you make, we encourage you to do what is possible to protect it. During the months your patio furniture is not in use, extend its life with covers.

Cushions. Can I customize the fabric?

monterra5c 1024x769 1 | A Table Talk with Matt about Dining Furniture | Outpost Sunsport
OW Lee - Monterra Collection

As a small family-owned business, we’ve always felt it important to be very upfront with our customers. The supply chain for cushions has many challenges resulting in fabric delays. We’ve had experiences where we can get the custom fabric in 20 days, but there have also been situations where it’s taken up to eight months. Let’s chat if you are interested in custom fabric for your cushions.

Which umbrella do you recommend to compliment an outdoor table? 

We’ve got a great selection of umbrellas in our showroom. The most popular sizes of 9’ and 11’ are available in many colors. My favorite, the Cantilever, is perfect to shade larger areas. This umbrella can tilt, turn, rotate, and provide shade all throughout your day.

Do all patio tables come with chairs or can I mix the chairs up? 

We sell a variety of chairs for your outdoor living space. The sets we have on our showroom floor do come as a set and are available for immediate delivery. If you’d like to mix and match a table with different chairs, this is doable but does not provide immediate enjoyment on your patio since they would have to be ordered separately.

Which brand do you sell most?  

In dining, we sell a tremendous amount of Kettler Wrought Iron Mesh tables for both commercial and residential use. And the Hanamint Cast Aluminum table is very popular for residential use, as it comes in round or rectangle sizes and there’s also an option for a table that extends in size.

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