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Asking Eli Our Burning Questions About Firepits

Eli For Web | Asking Eli Our Burning Questions About Firepits | Outpost SunsportFirepits have become a staple in outdoor patio furniture as a way to stay cozy during the cool summer nights. They come in many shapes and sizes, with a variety of add-ons that can spark life into any patio scene. We asked Outpost Sunsport expert, Eli, our burning questions about this summer hot topic.

What is the biggest benefit you see for adding a firepit to your outdoor living space?

The biggest benefit I feel is achieved when adding a fire table is versatility. A fire table can add additional table space for casual dining or holding beverages. The flame adds movement and a focal point, not to mention some warmth.

Which brands does Outpost Sunsport carry?

Outpost carries a wide variety of fire tables from several companies in a variety of sizes. Fire tables most commonly come in rectangle, round and square shapes. And they come in various finishes and styles. They all can be used with propane or natural gas.

  • Our Gensen fire tables are powder-coated aluminum in sizes 40” x 56”, 42” and 53” round. We have two different styles from Gensen.
  • We have three different styles of fire tables from Hanamint that also are powder-coated aluminum. The sizes are 48” round and 39” x 56”. We also have a counter height six-person dining fire table that measures 47” x 64”.
  • O.W. Lee fire tables offer the most size options. They are a powder-coated iron base with a porcelain tile top that take on various appearances. In round they offer 30”, 36”, 42” and 54”. The 30” and 36” round work extremely well in smaller spaces, but still offer wonderful ambiance. They also have 42” square, 30” x 50” and 36” x 58”. Additionally in the latter sizes there is a “boat” option. So instead of straight lines, they are slightly rounded.
  • From Ratana, we offer two different looks in a powder coat aluminum in size 29” x 50”.
  • Finally, from Telescope, we have a marine grade polymer table that is 36” x 54”. And new this year we have an Origins 54” round table that looks great.

What is involved in taking care of a firepit?

Maintenance of a fire table is fairly minimal. Keeping a cover on it helps minimize the cleaning of the surface and glass media. 

Do I need to store it somewhere else during the winter months?

Storing the fire table in winter months is not necessary if you have a cover. In Colorado, they can be used year round and are nice to have on your patio or deck.

Everything is accessorized in today’s world. What kind of accessories are available for firepits?

Some additional accessories for your fire table are flat pit covers and glass guards. The flat pit cover makes the space over the burner and glass media a complete table when the fire is not on. It also helps keep debris out of the burner area. Glass guards are great if you happen to be in a windy area, as these keep the flame burning upright in the wind.

Can we actually roast smores over a firepit?

Even though fire tables put out a very nice flame, I would not suggest making smores over it. The flame will toast your marshmallow beautifully, but if it fell into the burner, it will be a gooey mess to clean out of the glass and burner.

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