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How to Choose the Perfect Patio Furniture in 7 Easy Steps

7 Tips to choosing the perfect patio furniture for your home

The days of enjoying the oasis of your backyard are just around the corner. Whether you use your back porch for a picturesque neighborhood gathering or a tranquil afternoon of soaking up the sun, the patio furniture you choose could make or break your ideal summer scene. Consider these steps when purchasing patio furniture:

  1. Determine its Purpose

First decide how you plan on using your space. Do you see it being the location of the best barbeque on the block, an intimate romantic dinner or a cozy afternoon nap? Consider whether it should be casual or high end, minimal or expansive, frequently used or saved for special occasions.

  1. Aesthetics and Comfort

To narrow down your patio furniture selection, focus on aesthetics and comfort. What color themes do you want for your deck? Are you looking for bold and bright summer colors or something neutral that can be easily matched? And of course, sit on anything in the store before sitting on it at home just to make sure it meets your comfort standards.

  1. Simple Maintenance

The last thing you want to spend the summer doing is slaving over the upkeep of your patio furniture, or worse, having to replace it every year due to weather damage. Look for furniture that is made of cedar, teak, metal or all-weather wicker so that it can easily survive the unpredictable Wyoming weather.

  1. Plan Ahead for Winter Storage

Just because you have the space for it on your porch doesn’t mean you have the space for it in your shed. Although most furniture can withstand the elements, storing it in a shed or external storage unit during the winter will keep it fresh and free of rain stains for years to come. Better yet, cover it with a durable outdoor cover especially made for outdoor furniture so you don’t have to worry about storage.

  1. Durability is Key

Speaking of years to come, be sure to select furniture that is sturdy and reliable. Check that wood and wicker products are not brittle, and be sure to go with only the highest quality of brightly colored plastic chairs to ensure a longer lifespan.

  1. Accessorize

When considering the perfect table and seating pieces, don’t forget to also think about how to dress it up. Colorful cushions, outdoor rugs and table runners add to a bright and summery theme and provide comfort for you and any guests. Don’t forget about fire pits and patio heaters to stay warm on chilly summer nights!

  1. Save Space with Multi-Use Pieces

Having limited space for your back porch sanctuary doesn’t mean you have to skimp on furniture. Instead, choose pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, an ottoman or a bench makes a great seat, footrest and table.

Turn your deck into the one of your dreams this summer with the perfect collection of our patio furniture.

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