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End of Summer Recipes to Please!

As summer comes to a close, we know you’re itching to squeeze in some last-minute cookouts. To help you save your time for cooking and fun, here are ten ideas that tailor your night to any party and diet needs!

Watermelon Feta Salad

Start the meal with the perfect summer salad! I don’t know if another salad screams summer more than this one. While it may be similar to a Greek salad, the mint keeps a summery-sweet palette for the most refreshing salad on the menu!

Italian Pasta Salad

Want something a little heartier? This dish is great for those needing versatility. To keep it gluten-free, feel free to substitute regular pasta for chickpea pasta. Coming in pretty much any shape, there is practically no taste or texture difference and it gives a great boost of protein to an otherwise lacking dish. Additionally, if you want to make it vegan-- leave out any cheese and meat!

Glazed Pork and Apple Kebabs

For the main event, look no further than this overlooked flavor combination that satisfies all the senses. This dish will keep the meat-eaters more than happy!

Taco Lime Shrimp

A is a super refreshing Mexican-inspired take on a skewer that can be eaten by itself, put in a tortilla, or a salad! Find the recipe here.

Salmon Burgers

For those pescetarians, or those who just want something a little lighter than beef-- these make a great option.

Grasshopper Bars

End on a cool, sweet note that’s sure to please! These are great dessert/cool-off snacks that pair well with any meal.

Crisp in a Pinch

Looking for a warm dessert as the summer nights cool down? Getting excited about the impending fall? This crisp is a great warm-fruit-cup idea that checks off all dietary restrictions!

Sparkling Sangria

To satisfy that thirst after your great meal, or help with dinner prep, nothing says summer like sangria. A highly customizable cocktail, use the recipe as a starting point and play with fruit combos as your heart desires.

The menu is made, now it’s up to you! Invite your friends and family over to enjoy your Outpost Sunsport patio set and you’ve got the perfect night.

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