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Escape to a space you desire under Treasure Garden’s umbrellas!

Sure, umbrellas can offer a great escape from the piercing summer sun or protection from a brief afternoon rain shower. However, did you know that they can also be used for much more?

Whether you are looking to escape into your outdoor space in solitude or with friends and family, at Outpost Sunsport we carry a wide variety of Treasure Garden umbrellas that can help you accomplish both!

Treasure Garden’s Push Button Umbrella for Our Introverts

Treasure Garden Pusch Button UmbrellaEnjoy some solitude in the shade. Crack a bottle of wine and open that book you have been meaning to read under the Treasure Garden Push Button Tilt Umbrellas! We carry both the 7.5-foot and 9-foot-tall versions that offer 39 square feet of coverage. Perfect for relaxing under in a deep-seated couch or lounge chair.

More Features Include

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  • Adjustable tilt for shade coverage.
  • Crank-to-open functionality for easy opening and closing.
  • A variety of bases from steel square models to the classic round models with an option to purchase ad-on weights to anchor your umbrella down.
  • Clamp-on LED lights with an option to include a Bluetooth speaker to add ambiance to your evening.

Treasure Garden’s AKZ Cantilever for Our Extroverts

Treasure Garden's AKZ CantileverThe wide span of the Treasure Garden AKZ Cantilever umbrellas simply begs for a social gathering. Offering 129 square feet of coverage, you can place a table and some chairs underneath this 13-foot umbrella and enjoy some quality time with guests.

More Features Include

Watch videos to learn more!

  • Titling of the umbrella is made easy with 54 degrees of mobility.
  • Foot pedal rotation to move the umbrella’s position with ease.
  • 360 rotation of the umbrella’s arm to allow for full shade coverage.
  • Additional accessories including mounting kits for wood, grass or concrete, Vega-L lights, Halo lights, and a variety of bases.

Interested in seeing what inventory we have left for the summer? Give us a call at 970-225-1455.

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