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Fall Fire Pit Ideas

Fall is coming quick, and in Colorado that means that the temperature is about to drop, especially at night. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor space with a fire pit. The fire pit is a versatile piece of patio furniture that can turn your good outdoor space into great outdoor space. Here are a few ways to integrate a fire pit into your outdoor space.

Use as a Centerpiece:

A fire pit is an excellent element to use as a centerpiece. It allows for a common focal point to be used as a conversation stimulator. The Santorini Fire Pit from OW Lee allows for several height options, giving you full control over your patio layout.

Open Up a Space:

The combination of a sectional piece and a fire pit can open up your outdoor space completely. The Fire Table by Telescope Casual combines the benefits of a fire pit and a coffee table into one. An aluminum cover is included, so that your Fire Table can quickly shift to a normal table during the daytime.

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Supplement a View:

Nothing adds to a beautiful landscape view quite like a fire pit. Supplement your already gorgeous view by adding in the Mayfair Oval Fire Pit.

Outpost Sunsport has hundreds of options for upgrading your outdoor space. Come to our location on Harmony and pick up a new fire pit to add that finishing touch to your patio.

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