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Fun Outdoor Games for Your Backyard

There’s no better time for backyard games than summer. Use your DIY spirit to make these giant yard games that won’t break the bank for a weekend of fun.

Photo Credit: Constantlylovestruck.blogspot.com

Giant Lawn Scrabble

Get everyone off their cell phones and outside for a great family game. You can make you own giant scrabble pieces out of wood squares, cardboard, or purchase a pre-made set online!

Lawn Twister

You need three things for lawn twister: your backyard, spray paint (the type that can be easily sprayed off), and people. You may need to get creative for the game’s spin board.

Bean Bag Toss or DIY Cornhole Set

Cornhole, bean bags...whatever you call it, this game is easy for any age and fun to make your own personalized boards! Brit + Co has the full instructions on how to make this popular game a new lawn ornament for your backyard.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a classic and inexpensive game to put together yourself. Color the wood blocks for a bit of extra summer fun, but get ready for some extreme Jenga competitions with the neighborhood!

Yard Dominoes

If you aren’t a fan of Jenga, yard dominoes are a great alternative for those blocks. Easy to make, easy to use and a whole set that will work for many summers to come.

Pool Noodles Obstacle Course

All you need are pool noodles and stakes to secure them in the ground. The best part is no course will ever be the same!

Take a break from these great backyard games with one of our amazing patio furniture sets and enjoy the summer breeze. Keep an eye on dad… he’s been known to cheat.

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