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Gifts to Keep Dad Relaxing

Dad is looking to relax this weekend and these gifts will help keep him off his feet and clear his mind.

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Weber iGrill Mini Digital Bluetooth Thermometer

While Dad wants to take it easy, he may still fire up the grill or smoker and get a tasty meal ready to enjoy with the family. This Bluetooth thermometer is perfect to keep an eye on the temperature without having to get up from your seat thanks to the 150-hour battery life. (Not available at Outpost Sunsport)

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Patio Umbrella

Vitamin D is good for you, but when relaxation is the goal, shade is where you want to be. A patio umbrella is an ultimate provider of shade in any outdoor space. We have a great selection of umbrellas from Treasure Garden, Tuuci and Sun Garden.

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Picnic Time Manhattan Cocktail Travel Bar

Why go inside to make a drink? Take the bar outside with this portable cocktail case that has everything you need for a relaxing drink on the patio. (Not available at Outpost Sunsport)

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UE Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Wireless Speaker

Dad can take his tunes or podcasts with him wherever he goes, even if it's in the backyard. Get two UE wireless speakers and pair them together for double the sound. Plus, it's waterproof. (Not available at Outpost Sunsport)


Fire Pit

Forget about chopping firewood and tending the fire, propane-powered fire pits will keep Dad warm for as long as he wants without getting up. Our superior selection of outdoor fire pits will keep the party going late into the night and all year long.

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