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Graduation Party Checklist

It's finally happening: your graduate is getting their degree! Enjoy a smooth celebration with this quick graduation party checklist.


Seating & Shade

Double check you have enough seating room with tables, chairs and your patio furniture for all the guests that have been invited. Tents and umbrellas are the perfect solution for large areas of shade to comfortably relax.

Need some extra shade? We have a wide range of freestanding and offset umbrellas. Our staff can help you find the perfect size and style.


Apart from the usual graduation party decorations, don't miss signage to let people know exactly where the party area is. It'll help save the trouble of multiple phone calls and texts.


Whether you are making the dishes yourself or having the party catered, double checking on everything will ensure a (mostly) stress-free day.

It's easy to use leftover napkins, plates, bowls and utensils from previous parties, but you don't want to run out with all the expected people. Easy access to trash and recycling will help alleviate cleaning up once the party is over.


Doesn't it seem like a party always runs out of ice? Stock coolers with plenty of drinks and ice to avoid this hiccup. A nice range of beverages will satisfy guests and yourself. If you need cups for any drinks, stock up and place them near a cooler of ice that guests can scoop from.

Games & Music

Lawn games give party guests more to do than sit or stand around and eat food. Add in music throughout the different areas of the party for a nice background soundtrack with multiple speakers.


Don't forget to charge your camera or phone for all the photos you'll want from your graduates' special day! We hope this quick graduation party checklist will ease your mind and let you enjoy this momentous milestone.

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