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How to Win the Tailgate at Home

Football season is back. You would love to make it to every Rams and Broncos game, but the truth is life gets busy. Enjoying the game at home doesn't mean you can't tailgate like you're in the parking lot with the rest of the fans. Check out these tips to win the tailgate at home.


Tailgate Set Up

Tailgating is only allowed outside, so get off the couch and prepare for the pregame fun. First and foremost, you will need your grill ready to rock out some delicious treats for your guests and yourself.

Keep the camping chairs in the garage -- your excellent patio furniture is there to keep everyone comfortable while chatting about the final score of the coming game. Don't forget team decorations; it wouldn't be a proper tailgate without them.

The best part of not being in a blacktop parking lot for the tailgate is enjoying some shade thanks to your freestanding umbrella. It's okay to forget the sunscreen.

It is not okay to forget the tunes. Set up your favorite tailgating playlist and get some speakers outside to pump you up for the game.

Game Day Gear

Pull out your lucky jersey, hat, socks, sun glasses, cup, chip plate and foam finger. It's not a tailgate without your game day gear. Bring some extras in case your guests show up without any team spirit.

Tailgate Menu

You don't have to show your guests a menu, but knowing ahead of time what you want to serve will keep the game day relaxing. Sticking with the classics such as burgers, brats, chips and dip are a safe bet for everyone. Get the condiment station set up and you're good to go.


What are you going to wash the tailgating grub down with? A tasty beverage. Having an assortment of beverages on hand will keep you and your guests hydrated and prepared for the game.

The Game

It's time. The tailgate is over and the kickoff is about to happen. You can go inside now if you desire, but we recommend pulling that screen outside and enjoying the game from your outdoor living space.


Missing the game in person doesn't mean you can't have fun. Now win the tailgate at home.

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