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Here at Outpost Sunsport, we are passionate about the outdoors – we care deeply about both enjoying nature and protecting the beauty and longevity of the natural world. We choose to carry products from brands which similarly care about the environment – this month, we are proud to highlight the mission, vision, and products of Jensen Outdoor.

Jensen Outdoor was one of the first outdoor furniture manufacturers to receive FSC-Certification (all the way back in 1995!). The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a nonprofit organization which seeks to promote the responsible management of forests around the world. With their FSC Certification, Jensen Outdoor is an integral part of implementing sustainable forest management practices in Bolivia – where their furniture is both sourced and hand-crafted, start to finish, by local artisans.

Before parts of Bolivian forests were certified by the FSC, overforesting left the land depleted of resources. Once typical land use ran its destructive course, community members were often forced to migrate to find work. There was little profit – and a great deal of negative consequences – that came with this kind of land management. 

Now, over 3.5 million acres of forest in Bolivia have been FSC-Certified, and Jensen Outdoor has been a part of spearheading the greening of Bolivia’s forest industry. Sustainable management creates healthy, permanent forests – which in turn create thriving communities where well-paying work is readily available. FSC certification provides steady employment for workers – what’s more, FSC certification guarantees social responsibility efforts which carry immense benefits to the surrounding communities. 

The values of Jensen Outdoor demonstrate that a successful business is about much more than simply creating a beautiful product – it is about maintaining sustainable and healthy relationships with people and with the land. Jensen Outdoor promotes a beautiful integration between the company, its employees, and the communities that are impacted by its work. Thanks to Jensen Outdoor, the community in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is provided with steady employment, basic health services, and educational opportunities such as school curriculums and scholarships for further education. 

Jensen Outdoor furniture is handcrafted – from start to finish –  in Bolivia, and each piece carries an FSC-Certification label. This label allows consumers to track the wood used back to the very forest (and exact tree!) where it originated. This label provides assurance that the product comes from a well-managed forest, and was created by laborers who were paid fairly. Because the furniture leaves Bolivia as a finished product, more revenue stays in the Bolivian economy and in the workers’ pockets. The FSC certification not only protects local land, it supports the growth of the local economy as well – an endless cycle of good! When you purchase a piece of furniture from Jensen Outdoor, you are supporting the health and longevity of the forests they manage and the communities who live, work, and play near those forests. 

Learn more about Jensen Outdoor’s story and mission by clicking here for a video. 

Outpost Sunsport is proud to carry products from a company which has played such a significant role in transforming the community and environment of Eastern Bolivia. Shop Jensen Outdoor furniture – and other high quality, sustainable brands – at Outpost Sunsport’s Labor Day sale. If you have questions about the values and mission of the companies whose products we carry, just ask one of our expert team members! We’re here to make sustainable, high-quality outdoor furniture accessible to anyone. 

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