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Outdoor lighting lets you enjoy your patio after the sun goes down and allows you to make the most of these summer nights. Best of all, you don’t need to break the bank to enhance your outdoor ambience. Here are a few easy ways to light up your backyard.

If you entertain a lot and want a casual party feel, café string lights are the way to go. Photo Source


DIYers will love these mason jar tea light holders you can hang from trees or a pergola to accent your space with soft light. So easy to make. Photo Source

Those who are a bit more eco-conscious will appreciate solar lights that will adorn the walkway during the day, and light the path for guests at night. Photo Source

Expose light in unexpected ways. Tuck battery operated lanterns underneath cloth-covered tables to give your outdoor parties an unexpected glow. Photo Source.

If you really want to create a show-stopping setting, pull out the white holiday lights from storage and wrap them around trees and a pergola to create a twinkling, sparkly backyard! Photo Source.

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