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Next weekend is Labor Day weekend–what most people think of as summer’s last hurrah. If you’re planning on giving your backyard one last run with a barbecue bash that includes burgers and dogs, you might be concerned on how to make your menu a bit different after a long summer of grilling. Well, the difference doesn’t have to be in the burger–it can be in what goes on top of the burgers.

Interactive self-serving stations are a trend in entertaining. Put together a table of exciting toppings guests can choose that will have their mouths watering before their first bite. Here are some fun and delicious toppings to consider.

  • Not just for nachos, guacamole is great on top of burgers. Add sour cream and tomatoes for a real hearty flavor.
  • Mushroom and caramelized onions are a favorite at restaurants. The more the better!
  • Sriracha is all the rage these days. People are putting it on everything! Mix it with some mayonnaise to create your own “secret sauce” to give burgers a kick.
  • Get experimental with cheeses. Plain ol’ American cheese can get pretty boring. Encourage guests to try provolone, feta or even mozzarella cheese on their burgers.
  • Get fruity! You’ve seen fruit on pizza, but adding grilled fruit like pineapple adds delicious sweet juice to every bite.

Have a grillin’ good time!


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