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Patio Spring Cleaning Checklist

Sunny spring Colorado days are here and the only snowfall we want is in the mountains. Prime patio lounging time is here and that means clearing off the fall and winter dust and grime. Get your outdoor living space ready with this patio spring cleaning checklist.

Clearing the Patio

Start with removing all your patio furniture to expose the entire ground. Sweeping off the dirt and using a hose or power washer should take care of the job. For those harder spots, use a pressure washer or stiff broom with a little deck cleaner to make it look like new again.

Clean Off Patio Furniture

If a spray down with your hose doesn’t clear off your patio furniture, a simple all-purpose cleaner will clear any grit and grime sticking to hard surfaces. Any ordinary glass cleaner will clear off tables and side tables to a crystal clear shine.

Outdoor cushions usually only need spot cleanings, but if you have removable covers, make sure to read the care instructions then run them through the wash and hang to dry. Soap and water is a good place to start if you are unsure of the material or just want to spot clean. If any of your furniture covers and outdoor cushions have mildew a mildew remover will clear them up.

Patio umbrellas end up collecting a lot of dust throughout the year. Beat your umbrella firmly to remove any dust hanging out on top and clean it up with a brush or vacuum. Still need a little more? A rag soaked in soapy water can be used to wipe down the material.

Outdoor Lighting

If you have outdoor lighting, now is the time to replace those dying and burnt out bulbs. Clear out debris and cobwebs to make sure the light will be balanced across your patio.

Clean Porch Door and Window Screens

Don’t forget to clear the debris from your windows and door near your patio (and why not your entire house). Scrubbing the screens with a mild soap and water solution with a brush and rinsing them with a hose should remove most of the dust and dirt. Don’t forget to squeegee the glass for an extra clean look.

Weeds & Yard Cleanup

Cold weather weeds, dead leaves, and debris may have crept into narrow spaces of any brick or wood surfaces. A spade will help remove all the roots but if you can’t reach them weed killer will take care of them. And then it's time to hire a landscaper to do a thorough spring cleaning or take a warm spring weekend to spruce up your yard!

Check for Pests

You should do this for your patio and your entire yard. Objects placed near water may have unwanted inhabitants beneath them. Ordinary pest control sprays should take care of them but in serious cases, call a professional.

Tree and Plants

Clear away debris and prune any dead or damaged branches for a lovely clean outdoor living space. Over the next few months, you’ll get to watch your lovely plants bloom.

Now your outdoor living space is ready for springtime lounging.

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