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Patio Umbrellas 101 – Don’t Forget the Base

Patio Umbrella

You found the perfect umbrella to properly shade you from the unforgiving sun only to find that you don’t have anyway to keep it standing up. Worse yet is having a base to put your new umbrella in and it flips over after you remove you hands. Without a proper base, your umbrella is useless and the sun will not yield.

Even if your umbrella included a base, it may not be what you want aesthetically or functionally. Here are a few things to consider on finding the right stand:

Umbrella pole diameter - Not every umbrella has the same diameter pole. Check this before you look for a base, you wouldn’t want to come home with what you believed to be the perfect base and now your umbrella won’t fit.

Tables with umbrellas - If you’d going to be using your umbrella with a table, you will want to take measurements of where the base will be so that it will fit correctly. Of course, you will also want the hole in the table to be the correct diameter for your umbrella. The table will supply some resistance, meaning you could use a lighter base. A heavier base means less strain on your table and less of a chance of having your table flipped by your umbrella. Remember that your feet go under the table; you don’t want to smash your foot into the base.

Umbrella weight - If you want your base to weigh down your umbrella, you’ll need one that holds the umbrella and any forces that would act on it. Think about the usual conditions of your patio, two to three times the weight of your umbrella is ideal for a base but you may want more resistance if the wind is extreme.

Stand type: There are several stand types to hold your umbrella. Think of the one that’s right for you. There are solid material stands made from steel, stone, concrete and others. Fillable stands, which are usually plastic and can be filled with rocks, sand, water or any crazy idea you have (Skittles anyone?). Mounted stands include wall or ground bases. These are more long-term umbrella solutions.

Stop by the store and check out our amazing selection of umbrellas and bases. Our staff will help you find the right size and style to perfectly match your new or existing furniture set.

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