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Relax on Outpost Sunsport Furniture at La Buena Vida

Relaxing on a patio while sipping a freshly poured margarita is not only something that can be done on Cinco de Mayo. Put it on your list of things to do throughout the spring and summer!

At La Buena Vida, located on Harmony and Lemay, authentic Mexican (Michoacan to be exact) cuisine and margaritas are celebrated every day. While their bartenders and chefs do an excellent job at serving a delicious meal, we suggest you dine on the patio for the full experience.

Outpost Sunsport proudly provides La Buena Vida with patio furniture that is made to provide a comfortable outdoor dining experience!

Tucci Umbrellas: Fajitas fresh off the grill aren’t the only things sizzling in Colorado during the summer. Let’s face it, that sun bouncing off the cement can really heat things up. That is why the La Buena Vida patio furniture arrangement is complete with Tucci Umbrellas that offer a nice balance of protection from the sun while still being able to enjoy the outdoor light and fresh breeze.

Kettler Tables & Chairs: Outpost provided chairs and tables from Kettler that are made to handle a constant flux of messy food and adverse weather patterns. Whether they are left in direct sunlight or have a rainstorm beating down on them, they hold true to their shape.

These products are among some of the highest quality patio furniture options on the market and look great for years on end. Next time you are craving a strawberry margarita, be sure to head to La Buena Vida to kick back and enjoy the evening in comfort.

Outpost Sunsport happily provides businesses in northern Colorado with furniture to meet outdoor needs. We only carry brands that are made to stand the test of time. We will deliver for free within a 15-mile radius of our store. Give us a call at 970-225-1455 to meet your commercial patio furniture needs!

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