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Adirondack Chair Earth Day Sale!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Our annual Earth Day sale is here and there’s no better time to find yourself the perfect pair of Adirondack chairs for your outdoor patio or living area.

Earth Day is coming up next Wednesday, April 22nd but we figured we could get a head start on helping out the environment with our Earth Day Sale. Between now and April 22nd we will be donating 10% of all Adirondack chair purchases back to Legacy Land Trust, whose mission is to help protect the key natural, scenic and agricultural lands in Northern Colorado.

These Breezesta chairs are made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs and water bottles, how crazy is that! With these chairs there’s no need to worry about rusting, wood splinters, torn upholstery, or bent frames. Maintenance is minimal and they are super easy to clean, that’s music to any patio furniture owner’s ears. Best part about them though, after you’ve got your many years of use out of them, they can be RECYCLED!

We love supporting those who feel as strongly as we do about the environment and Breezesta is one of our favorites. To find out more about all they do to help our environment visit their website.

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