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Shedding Light on Umbrellas with Carter

With over 300 days of sunshine, it’s important for Colorado residents to protect themselves against the harmful UV rays. What better way to do that than by having an umbrella in your outdoor living space? We asked Carter, an expert from Outpost Sunsport, about a different kind of umbrella they offer that can do more than shade you.

How is a Cantilever Umbrella different from other patio umbrellas? 

A Cantilever Umbrellas is a large outdoor umbrella with an off-set post for maximum versatility. Instead of opening from the center post, it is attached to an arm that swivels, which allows you to move it as you see fit.

Is there only one style of Cantilever Umbrellas to choose from for my patio? 

No, depending on your style preference, there are several umbrella styles to choose from. You have many options in shape such as square, octagonal, hexagonal, or rectangular. And then, you can choose different fabrics. We have a lot of umbrellas in our showroom that you can take home with you.  (If you want something more customized, you’ll need to order it from the factory, though be aware there may be a shipping delay due to supply chain issues.)

So I can position this umbrella anyway I like? 

Pretty much. We suggest you figure out where you spend the most time in your outdoor living space and position your umbrella to cover that location.  A Cantilever Umbrellas will rotate 360 degrees so you have a lot of room to cover based on the sun’s movement throughout the day.  This umbrella is also a great addition when you have a kid’s sandbox or swimming pool in your backyard.

How is a Cantilever Umbrella installed? 

You can choose to have one mounted or installed, but the majority we sell are freestanding. The heavy base holds the umbrella exactly where you want it.  We recommend you make sure during high winds to have your Cantilever Umbrella covered.  All other umbrellas are safest when laid down during high winds. Best benefit of a freestanding Cantilever Umbrella is that you can move it wherever you want.

I heard that you can get a patio umbrella with lights and even a heater?

Screenshot 2022 05 03 121154 e1651612160932 | Shedding Light on Umbrellas with Carter | Outpost Sunsport
Treasure Garden - Cantilever 3’ STARLUX AKZ PLUS

Is this true? Yes, it is true. Imagine having a heated umbrella for those cooler Colorado evenings. And if you need additional lighting as or after the sun sets, simply turn on the lights, often embedded in the umbrella. Umbrellas are no longer just for providing shade from the sun! Umbrellas are perfect complements to your outdoor living space, providing additional comfort and relaxation.  

Outpost Sunsport carries various styles, shapes and sizes of patio umbrellas. Whether you are in need of a freestanding umbrella for your patio table, or an offset umbrella to cover your seating area, Outpost Sunsport has the highest quality outdoor umbrella options available. Our staff can help you pick out the correct size and style to perfectly match your existing  – or new – furniture set with our wide selection of outdoor umbrellas (with or without lights) in various heights, tilting options, shapes, colors, and sizes.

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