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Summer Grilling on Your Patio

Keep the summer heat outside by firing up your grill instead of the oven! Did you know that you can cook just about anything on the grill? Plus, outdoor grilling is arguably more fun - who doesn’t love to hang out on their patio or deck?!

Grab your grilling essentials – a lighter, spatula and tongs – and get creative with your cooking by integrating some of the following into your summer meals:

  • The meaty staples. Get saucy when you throw chicken, hamburgers, steaks, sausages, turkey, salmon, or shrimp on the grill. Craft up your own garnish to rub into your meat, marinate them in a special sauce or simply toss some salt and pepper on them before letting the grill cook them up to perfection.
  • Vegetables you can get on board with. Carrots, onions, broccoli, zucchini, cherry tomatoes - you name it and you can grill it. When preparing your veggies, slice them into wide pieces that won’t fall through the grates, then sprinkle some oil and a little bit of salt and pepper on them. Place your veggies directly on the grate, toss them on a skewer or mix them together in some foil and monitor them as they heat up – some vegetables cook quicker than others!
  • King of the cast iron. Pull your cast iron skillet out of your camping bin and integrate it into your grilling essentials kit! Cast irons work on the grill just like they do on a stove top or camp fire. Place the skillet directly on the grates and let that puppy heat up. Then pour some oil into the skillet (avocado oil is recommended) and toss in your desired food to cook up.
  • Fruity desserts. Have you ever tried grilling a peach, pineapple or mango? Toss some sliced or halved fruit on the grill after dinner for a few minutes and then add them to your bowl of vanilla ice cream to cap the evening off!

Once you finish grilling, enjoy your meal on the comfort of Outpost Sunsport’s high-quality furniture! We have outdoor dining sets perfect for the family to enjoy a meal around, bar and balcony height furniture to mix and mingle around, or deep-seated chairs to relax and enjoy your meal from!

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