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Support Bird Conservancy of the Rockies with Outpost Sunsport!

If there’s anything that Outpost staff and customers have in common, it’s our shared love for time spent outdoors. In the midst of the busyness of everyday life, spending time in nature can serve as a way to reset and recharge. This is just one reason why we are so proud to be the leading retailer in Northern Colorado for both outdoor gear and outdoor furniture. 

Our deep love for nature is also what drives our support of organizations which work to preserve the environment! Each year, Outpost Sunsport is proud to host an Earth Day sale in Support of the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. Come shop the sale from Monday, April 17 through Sunday, April 23. You’ll be supporting an excellent cause while receiving amazing deals on outdoor furniture!

During the sale, Outpost Sunsport will be offering 10% off on all Breezesta and 10% off on all Jensen Outdoor furniture with 10% of all Breezesta sales being donated to the Bird Conservancy. This nonprofit works to conserve birds – and their natural habitats – through science, land stewardship, and educational programs.

We know that birds are important indicators of environmental change. As the effects of human activity on nature become more and more obvious, bird populations have declined, offering insight into our own negative impacts on the environment. The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies works tirelessly to promote a world where birds are healthy, thriving and abundant. 

Additionally, purchasing a chair from Outpost Sunsport during our Earth Day sale will support the environment in more ways than one! Our Breezesta Adirondack chairs are sustainably made from recycled milk jugs and water bottles. These chairs are colorful, comfortable, and prevent plastic from going into our landfills – a win-win!  And Jensen Outdoor was one of the first outdoor furniture manufacturers to receive Forest Stewardship Council-Certification way back in 1995! When you purchase a piece of furniture from Jensen Outdoor, you are supporting the health and longevity of the Bolivian forests they manage. 

Wildlife and habitat conservation is a cause near and dear to Outpost Sunsport, and we are incredibly proud to partner with the Bird Conservancy in their monitoring and research efforts. Stop by Outpost Sunsport between April 17-23 and support this noble cause.

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