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Sustainable Patio Brands that Care for the Environment

Here at Outpost Sunsport, it’s no secret that we are passionate about the outdoors!

We care deeply about both enjoying nature fully, and also protecting the beauty of the natural world. Because of this, we choose to stock products from brands which similarly care for the environment.  

We are proud to highlight several brands that closely align with our mission to care for the environment. If you’re an environmentally-conscious consumer on the hunt for new products for your outdoor living space, we can guarantee that any of these sustainable items from the following brands would be excellent choices for you.

Jensen Outdoor

Jensen Outdoor was one of the first outdoor furniture manufacturers to receive FSC-Certification (all the way back in 1995!). The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a nonprofit organization which seeks to promote the responsible management of forests around the world. With their FSC Certification, Jensen Outdoor is an integral part of implementing sustainable forest management practices in Bolivia – where their furniture is both sourced and hand-crafted, start to finish, by local artisans. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Jensen Outdoor, you are supporting the health and longevity of the forests they manage and the communities who live, work, and play near those forests. 

Jensen 1 | Sustainable Patio Brands that Care for the Environment | Outpost Sunsport

Outpost Sunsport carries Jensen Outdoor’s Opal, Coral & Skyline collections.


Breezesta furniture is made out of recycled poly lumber – this material is not only low-maintenance and durable, but it’s good for the environment as well! It’s made out of recycled milk jugs, using Morise and Tenon construction. Breezesta products keep millions of plastic products out of landfills each year! What’s more, all products are recycled at their own recycling facility, which keeps even more plastic out of landfills and waterways. (How cool is that?) Breezesta furniture is manufactured domestically and guaranteed to last your family many years. 

Breezesta | Sustainable Patio Brands that Care for the Environment | Outpost Sunsport

Outpost Sunsport carries Breezesta’s Shoreline and Coastal collections.


Since 2007, Ebel has been partnered with Trees for the Future – an organization which promotes agroforestry and provides renewable energy to communities around the world. Operating specifically in regions facing dangerous levels of deforestation, Trees for the Future trains farmers to sustainably revitalize land. What’s more, with each piece of furniture produced and sold by Ebel, Trees for the Future plants a tree! When you purchase a piece of outdoor furniture made by Ebel, you can feel confident that you are making a difference in the lives of real people around the world. 

Ebe | Sustainable Patio Brands that Care for the Environment | Outpost Sunsport

Outpost Sunsport carries Ebel’s Bellino, Trevi, & Taos collections.


Telescope has a long history of environmental stewardship. For over 30 years, Telescope has used wood scraps from their furniture production to head their upstate New York manufacturing facility – saving over 24 million gallons of fuel oil to date! Telescope utilizes recycled material in all stages of manufacturing, and manages their timberland carefully for continuous growth and sustained yield. Telescope is proud to be a leader in the creation of environmentally friendly outdoor products and to be made in the USA! 

Telescope | Sustainable Patio Brands that Care for the Environment | Outpost Sunsport

Outpost Sunsport carries Telescope’s Leeward, St. Catherine & Belle Isle collections.

Outpost Sunsport is proud to carry products from sustainable brands which play a role in protecting this beautiful planet we call home. Stop by Outpost Sunsport and take a look at the products we carry from these sustainable brands. Our expert team members will be happy to assist you in finding outdoor furniture from brands which align with your values. We’re here to make sustainable, high-quality outdoor furniture accessible to anyone!

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