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Sustainable Practices in a Material World

outpost sustainable practices header | Sustainable Practices in a Material World | Outpost SunsportOne of our favorite internationally recognized days is just around the corner – Earth Day! It’s the time of year that we bring awareness to the power of the great outdoors and the importance of maintaining the land that we live on.

At Outpost Sunsport, we make a habit of implementing sustainable practices as often as possible. Here’s how:

Providing sustainably manufactured products. Take a seat on one of our Casual Living Adirondack chairs and feel good in knowing that you are resting in a sustainably made product. These chairs are made from recycled milk jugs that are pelletized, colored and repurposed into comfortable chairs!

Recycling packaging. Whether our patio furniture travels from far away or close by, it always arrives in some type of packaging. At Outpost, we are diligent in removing all packaging with the conscious effort to recycle all materials possible. Kudos to the City of Fort Collins’ new and improved recycling center for making recycling easily accessible!

Repurposing fixtures. The fixtures and stands out on our floor eventually hit the end of their life cycle and need to be disposed. We take pride in our dedicated efforts to dismantle these fixtures and repurpose the pieces that we can while recycling the ones that we can’t.

Although many of these practices add additional time to our processes, we believe that it is worth it in the long run. Help us celebrate Earth Day this year by choosing one sustainable practice that you can implement into your everyday processes!

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