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Tips to Make Patio Cushions Look New Again

No doubt you’ve been busy getting your backyard ready to welcome summer and to enjoy your patio or deck for outdoor dining and guests. You’ve filled the container pots, swept the patio and now it’s time to pull the patio cushions out of storage.

If your patio furniture cushions look a bit gray from winter hibernation, try this cleaning process to revitalize their color:

  • Start by banging the cushions together, two at a time, to shake out as much dirt and dust as possible. Use a bristled brush to loosen any stubborn clumps of dirt.
  • Small cushions that don’t seem too bad may be cleaned in your washing machine on a delicate cycle using warm water and regular laundry detergent.
  • For larger or really grubby cushions, try this solution mix:
    • Mix equal parts of water, Borax and liquid dish soap.
    • Use a spray bottle to generously apply the solution to both sides of the cushion; applying heavily on stains and creases. Scrub with a bristled brush.
    • Let the cushions sit for 15 minutes and then rinse well. Let them air dry in the sun, frequently turning the cushions so they completely dry.

Once they’re dry put them in place on your patio set–relax and enjoy!

* Cleaning solutions may discolor your cushion, depending on the fabric. We recommend testing a small area before using.


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