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Backcountry skiing in Colorado

Backcountry Skiing - Colorado

Ungroomed, untouched, and far away from those crowded runs, lies the perfect backcountry slope waiting for you to leave your mark.

While it’s great to catch a lift or a gondola up the mountain and then come racing down, the routine may become monotonous for some.  Driving them to explore the wilderness that awaits outside of resort or ski area boundaries, these folks fulfill their need for something untamed and out of the ordinary where others do not dare venture.  Hiking, snowshoeing, or any other means of getting to the top of the hill, can be quite the reward in itself.  However, it doesn’t stop there, as you get to strap on your skis or snowboard, take the plunge into the snowy hillside, and fashion your very own line using your best creativity.

Trekking in to the back woods is not for those ill prepared, as conditions are not monitored and medical/rescue teams are not often nearby.  Being prepared means knowing how to interpret avalanche forecasts, and having the right equipment and knowing how to use it if the situation presents itself.  Everyone in your party should be equipped with a working rescue beacon, probe, and a small aluminum shovel.  We highly recommend you double check that all equipment is functioning before you set out for the day.

Depending on the terrain you’ll need a combination of things to help you get up the mountain that could include a combination of things such as snowshoes, alpine trekkers, Dynafit bindings, and skins.  Finding the right boots and skis can be a challenge, as there is a lot to take into consideration such as height and weight of the skier, plus all the variations of skis designed for taking on the deep backcountry powder.  Stop in and let our experienced staff take the pain out of finding what you want and need.

Once you’re fitted with all the right gear that you’ll need, next you’ll have to decide where exactly it is that you’d like to go.  There are plenty of great places here in Colorado, including Berthoud Pass, Loveland Pass, and Vail Pass.  Berthoud Pass has lots to offer, with quick laps and long tours, and optimal snow conditions well into spring.  Sixty miles away from Denver you’ll find Loveland Pass, where you can find low angle terrain or nail biting drops into knee deep snow, which ever fits your fancy.  Vail Pass is often left untouched and therefore has lots of unexplored terrain ripe for those who are looking for some untouched turns.

Remember to always check avalanche forecasts and double check your equipment, safety is crucial!

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