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7 of the Best Ski and Snowboard Documentaries

Colorado’s favorite season is almost here (and in fact, has already begun with the opening of the first ski resort)! Pump yourself up for hitting fresh powder on the slopes with these incredible ski and snowboard documentaries that will have you putting on your snow pants before you know it.

Warren Miller’s “Here, There & Everywhere”

67 years after ski-film pioneer Warren Miller picked up a camera, film crews are still capturing the wonder, beauty and humor that is skiing. Explore the backcountry of Western Montana’s Glacier County, Crested Butte and more. You can catch this film at The Lincoln Center right here in Fort Collins presented by yours truly. Grab tickets before they are gone!


Many who cruise down mountains love this Norwegian documentary. “Supervention” covers big mountain riding to park sessions to urban segments to show the bliss of snow sports. This film will give you a look into what it takes to make an epic snow sport film and, of course, incredible action shots.

Snowboarding For Me

Talk a walk through the world of snowboarding with a group of amazing athletes. With snowboarding being such a young sport, many of the trailblazers are still alive today and still riding the mountains. From studio interviews to on-mountain footage, new and old snowboarding athletes shred powder together.

Pretty Faces

This documentary has been given incredible reviews and went beyond the ordinary ski film into women’s skiing. It doesn’t preach. It shows the amazing skills of female skiers of all ages and is not a film to pass up.


Freeskiing would not be where it is today without Shane McConkey, who revolutionize the use of plastic saucers and pow skis. This homage to one of the craziest skiers there ever was is full of humor, touching moments and epic shots.

Swift. Silent. Deep.

A key part of modern ski history and culture is contained within “Swift. Silent. Deep.” A group of rebel skiers known as the Jackson Hole Air Force crossed boundary ropes at Jackson Hole in the search of untouched powder and towering cliffs. Check their story out in this documentary.

The Little Things

Going beyond just a snowboard film, “The Little Things” explores environmental issues for these athletes and everyone who hits the slopes. Without being preachy, this film shows incredible skills and being able to live sustainable lifestyles to keep enjoying the powder.

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