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7 Winter Activities in Colorado

Ski resorts are (finally) open, but if you aren’t the type to hit the slopes we’ve compiled some awesome outdoor activities to enjoy the Colorado outdoors and snow while winter is here! Below are seven winter activities which will still get you outside but don’t require an expensive lift ticket.

Snow Tubing

Sledding is so 1980’s. Hitting hidden objects in the snow with your snow tube will provide opportunities to get some great bounces instead of gnarly bruises when you flying down giant hills. Tubing requires no skill other than dragging your vehicle back to the top.

Ice Skating

You won’t have to leave town to enjoy this winter activity. Old Town Fort Collins has its very own ice skating rink open for the season. Grab some hot chocolate, lace up those skates and hit the ice skating rink with the family.

Ice Fishing

For a little slower pace activity, you will find peace and tranquility when you go ice fishing. You can cut your own fishing hole and hangout in the comfiest chair waiting for a snag on the line or rent an ice fishing cabin that’ll keep you a bit warmer from any harsh weather conditions. Don’t forget that you will need a state fishing license.


If you won’t let the snow stop you from hiking up mountains, snowshoeing is for you. Enjoy the backcountry trails during this beautiful season. Rent your snowshoes right here at Outpost Sunsport and if you’re feeling uneasy going alone, there are plenty of group tours that are still peaceful enough to soak in the stirrings of nature this time of year.


If you have a need for speed, snowmobiling will take you through scenic views faster than your snowshoeing friends. With so many trails we doubt you’ll never run out of options for places to go. Equipment is easy to rent and your friends are going to be stoked you came up with the idea.

Ice Climbing

Colorado has some of the best ice climbing conditions during winter and you’re going to forget bouldering ever existed. From beginner to expert, take your winter outing to the next level and conquer some ice vertically.

Hot Springs

Winter is also a great time to relax and what better way to enjoy beautiful views and the snow than soaking in a natural hot spring? From Steamboat’s Strawberry Springs to Glenwood’s famous hot springs pool and several tucked away in Buena Vista, you can relax and enjoy the snow-covered mountains surrounding you without freezing.

Stop by Outpost Sunsport for all of the outdoor gear and rentals you may need!

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