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A Q&A with Outpost Sunsport's Trevor Kayl

Outpost Sunsport is home to fantastic employees who know how to work hard and play hard! Trevor Kayl has been on the Outpost team for over six years, and we have no idea what we’d do without him. Trevor grew up exploring the Rocky Mountains, and is an avid skier, snowboarder, backpacker and fisherman. He’s also a horticulturist and photographer, and can nearly always be found on outdoor adventures with a camera in hand.

With Trevor’s years of experience in the outdoor industry, we wanted to pick his brain on all things snowboarding. Read on to hear what Trevor had to say!

Q: What’s your favorite ski area in Colorado? 

A: Steamboat

Fun Fact:  Steamboat Springs has been a popular tourist destination for over 100 years. Years before Steamboat Ski Resort opened in 1963 (60 years ago!), travelers flocked to this beautiful town to visit the natural hot springs!

Q: What’s your favorite run at Steamboat? 

A:  Any run on Morningside or Sunshine Peak!

Fun Fact: Steamboat is actually an entire mountain range, made up of nearly 3,000 acres and several peaks. The longest run at Steamboat, called the “Why Not,” is over three miles long!

Q: How do you pick the right snowboard?

A:  I typically like to snowboard on a board that is a bit on the stiffer end – this gives me a good float if there is powder, and crud busting power if there isn’t any powder. 

Fun Fact:  The modern snowboard had its humble beginnings back in 1965, when a man named Sherman Poppen filed a patent for “The Snurfer.” These “snow surfboards'' quickly gained popularity, and snowboarding was born as the latest and greatest winter sport! What’s more, you can actually still buy Snurfer boards today!

Q: What time do you typically leave to head to the mountains?

A:  When we go to Steamboat, we like to leave the night before and get a hotel for a couple days.

Fun Fact:  While Steamboat’s population is only about 13,000 people, research shows that the area has over 500,000 visitors each winter!

Q: Where do you have lunch when you ski?

A:  We like to make our way to Rendezvous Lodge when we break for lunch.

Fun Fact:  USA Today’s 2022 ‘Best Ski Bar’ reader’s-choice poll ranked Double Diamond’s Bar in Steamboat as #2 out of 10. If you’re looking for one of the most popular Après-Ski spots in the country, Steamboat is the place to go!

Q: How do you celebrate a great day of skiing?

A:  We always like to make our time in the mountains last as long as possible, so we try to take our time getting home. 

Fun Fact:  Steamboat Springs is only 161 miles from Fort Collins via the Wild & Scenic designated Poudre Canyon. Did you know that the Wild & Scenic designation is our nation’s strongest form of protection for free-flowing rivers? Thanks to its outstanding recreation, scenic and hydrologic features, the Cache la Poudre River is Colorado’s only Wild and Scenic River! Be sure to enjoy the view on your next long car ride to Steamboat Springs.

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