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April Skiing and Boarding Calls for Fun in the Sun!

Have you ever experienced the wonders of spring skiing? Yes, wonders is exactly right. Spring skiing and boarding are almost a completely separate entity from a winter session. Many people believe that spring skiing means poor conditions and limited lift availability, but this assumption is not necessarily true. The consistency of snowfall may not be as persistent as the cold winter months, but these less frequent snowstorms commonly bring more snow than your average winter storm, in turn, providing some very fun shredding.

However, the beauty of spring skiing doesn’t shine in the quality of the snow, in fact, the snow is the last thing on the list when thinking of an April trip. April trips pride on a whole different level. The warm weather brings fun funky outfits, outdoor concerts you can hear from the top of the mountain, a less-packed resort, and the overall enjoyment of the après ski (the social activities and entertainment following a day's skiing). This is particularly important in the spring because the sun is out longer, and the weather is a lot warmer.

But where there are positives to spring skiing, there are also some downfalls.  For example, don’t expect the best snow you have ever ridden. Additionally, don't assume you'll be skiing from open to close. The heat causes a sweaty day on the slopes and creates slower, sludgy conditions, activating more muscles in your legs and making it an exhausting, but well worth it day. After a long day of fun and adventure, there is only one thing that can save you: a nice refreshing beer. This is why the beauty of spring skiing isn’t all on the slopes, but it’s the activities that follow. When the afternoon sun shines on the bleach white snow, getting off the hill to relax, shedding a layer, and hanging with friends is what it’s all about.

If you’re looking for fun in between season activity, spring skiing and boarding are there for you. It’s the perfect time for beginners as the mountains are less crowded, the weather is warmer making the learning process more enjoyable, and there is no shame in only being on the slopes for a short time - the party is at the lodge’s outdoor patio in the afternoon anyway. If April is the time for you to learn, or just get out of your house, visit us to get your daily rentals at a cheaper price than at the resorts. Spring skiing is a different adventure than winter skiing, and it calls for a different type of fun. Get a couple more days in this year, while you’re at it wear something fun.

And always, when enjoying yourself after a day on the slopes, wear your mask, practice social distancing, and next year we may not even need a mask.

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