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Q&A with Carter Nuttall, Our Ski and Snowboard Technician

Carter Nuttall has been with Outpost Sunsport for three years and is the resident ski and snowboard technician. We asked him some basic questions about the importance of waxing your ski and snowboards, and he answered!

What is waxing and why is it important?

Waxing is when you take the wax material and apply it to the bottom of skis and snowboards to improve their coefficient of friction performance. This process is important for speed as well as base hydration, which extends the life of your skis or snowboards.

What is the process of waxing and how long does it take?

The process of waxing is when you heat your ski or snowboard with either an iron or an infrared machine, to allow the pores of the base to open so wax can be applied deep into the structure. This process can vary on time depending on the machinery used, with an iron it would be about fifteen minutes, with an infrared machine it takes about five minutes, which we use at Outpost. This means your equipment is done in a ¼ of time it would take with the iron!

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about getting their snowboard waxed?

If someone was on the fence about waxing their equipment, I would tell them it is only taking away from the overall performance and life of that particular ski or snowboard. Having your skis waxed for any type of racing is essential for any kind of success in the competition. You can 100% guarantee all of the pro ski and snowboard racers, as well as the free riders, have a healthy coating of wax on all of their equipment.

What is your favorite ski spot in Colorado?

My favorite ski spot in Colorado is Steamboat because of the excellent snow, beautiful scenery, epic Aspen tree lines, good people, and the small ski town vibes.

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