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Colorado Back Country Ski Destinations

Back Country Skiing Destinations

Colorado’s snowy ski paradise extends far past the numerous resorts that we are blessed with, there are also a plethora of back country skiing options for those of us that like to get off the beaten path every now and then! Here are a few options for when your adventurous spirit kicks in:


Berthoud Pass

Berthoud Pass Ski Area may be long gone but that doesn’t mean that the area is not still primed for ski adventure! The area is relatively accessible thanks to the infrastructure and pseudo-trails left behind by the old ski area. In fact, old trail maps can still be used to guide you while you’re in the area!

Cameron Pass

Home to Nokhu Crags, the Cameron Pass area is a favorite among Northern Colorado locals. Less than two hours from Fort Collins, Cameron Pass is one of the easier back country areas to travel to. Unlike Berthoud Pass, there is no car shuttling area located near Cameron Pass so it is important to thoroughly plan your uptrack and descent.

Herman Gulch

Located to the east of Loveland Ski Area, Herman Gulch is home to a variety of back country terrain. Following Herman Lake Trail towards Herman Lake will lead you to numerous ski lines in the area. The Citadel and other peaks are in close proximity to this serene area.

Vail Pass

Vail Pass is your go to for relatively untouched ski terrain. Getting to the hidden turns and fresh powder can be a bit more difficult to reach in the Vail Pass area compared to other back country areas in Colorado so it is recommended that you have a decent amount of trekking experience before attempting the journey.

Colorado’s back country offers many opportunities for all skill levels to explore the beautiful terrain that we call home! Before you set out exploring all that these destinations have to offer, be sure to stop by Outpost Sunsport and stock up on all the gear you need to make your next trek a safe and successful one!

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