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End of Ski Season Checklist

It’s not easy for us to accept the end of another great ski season. Snow is melting but we’re holding on for another day to hit the powder. When the season does end, don’t leave your ski and snowboard gear hiding away in a bag. Here’s our end of ski season checklist.

Clean Your Equipment

Leaving all your gear in a bag while it’s still wet is a bad idea. Mold will grow and you won’t want to replace everything by next season. Take all your gear out, wash it and make sure it is all nice and dry. Wash every bit of your gear from gloves to waterproof pants and jackets, removing dirt and sweat.

Inspect Equipment

After all your gear is nice and clean, it’s time to go through every piece and see what needs to be replaced or fixed. Make a list and store it on your phone if you can. That way you can always check what you need when you see some great swaps or sales happening.

Ski/Board Tune-Up

Your skis or snowboard likely need not only a cleaning but also a tune-up after spring runs on thin snow bases. Tuning up your skis or snowboard now means you can take off as soon as next season begins.

Prepare for Next Season

Now that you have clean and tuned gear and a list of what you need, pack it into one spot for when next season begins. Make sure your skis or snowboard are outside of the bag and kept in a nice, cool place. Boots need to be buckled or laced to help the plastic shell maintain its shape. Look over your equipment list you made earlier and plot out what major equipment you’ll need and research before you buy.

If you’re looking to take any major ski trips, now is the time to plan. While there is still a lot of spring skiing left, we can’t wait for next season to begin.

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