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What Goes In To Finding The Right Pair of Skis?

Skis are thought to have been around for thousands of years.  Evolving from snowshoes, the first were thought to have been cross country skis, with toe straps holding the foot to the ski and walking sticks were used as the first ski poles for balance.  While they are still used as a mode of transportation, there are now many types of skis like Alpine, Freestyle, and Telemark (just to name a few), and they are more commonly used for sport instead.

Needless to say technology has vastly changed the skiing game and today’s equipment has allowed us to take the sport to new levels.  Planks of wood with leather straps have evolved into, advanced varieties of different materials including plastic, foam, metal, cork, rubber or other composites. Brands like Atomic, Rossignol and Salomon are producing some of the industry’s best equipment that is used by the sport’s top athletes all over the world.

In 2002, the industry welcomed its first commercially available rockered pair of skis, the Volant Spatula.  The new technology uses early rising tips to provide better floatation in powder conditions and a shorter edge that improves maneuverability, allowing for quicker, easier turns.  As time has gone on experts have toyed with the technology so there are new variations popping up every year.  All Mountain, uses a combination of a rockered tip, cambered or flat midsection with a flat or low-rise tail, to offer easy turning and floatation.  When taking on the light fluffy snow the Powder variety will suit you best with its rockered tips, keeping you on top of the surface and giving you the ability to maneuver through trees with ease.  Twin-tip skis allow for better surface contact on rails and reduce the chance of catching an edge, plus they give you a more stable landing platform when performing tricks.

With so many options out there nowadays it might be hard for one to find the pair of skis that is right for you.  Something to consider is your ability level, as using an advanced level ski requires more skill and technique to maneuver. Be sure to be honest with yourself when deciding your skill level, you’d hate to waste money on skis that don’t meet your needs.  What type of skiing are you going to be doing, downhill, racing, freestyle, or floating on fresh powder?  Skis are designed for specific purposes and should be used accordingly for best results.  When picking the length of your skis the general rule of thumb is beginners skis should come to their chin, intermediates to their nose, and advanced skiers should have theirs reach their forehead or above.  Length of your skis can also depend on your body size (not just height) and your intended use.

Let our trained professional’s get you set up with the perfect pair.  Whether you’re picking out your very first pair or just needing to upgrade for the season, our experts, who are well versed in all areas, will have you all set up and on the slopes in no time.  Come in and we’ll find the right length and style that meets your needs, and even custom fit your boot liners to optimize your comfort, taking the pain out of shopping and your feet at the same time.  Stop in soon!

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