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Learn About Our Junior Trade-In Program

At Outpost Sunsport, our Junior Trade-in Program helps minimize the expensive struggles of parents continuously buying new equipment for their kids to go skiing or snowboarding every year. Kids grow and their equipment needs to be changed based on their growth. Our program starts when the first purchase of equipment is made. When the kids start to outgrow the equipment in the next year or two, parents can bring it back and trade it in for new equipment that fits their kids. Our team of professionals will resize your kids to make sure they get the correct-fitting equipment that works for their technique and type of skiing or snowboarding.

With the trade in, you also get credit that can be used to purchase your new equipment. If the old equipment is one year old and originally purchased from Outpost, you get 50% credit of the original purchase price on the old equipment towards new equipment. If it’s two years old, you get 40% credit of the original purchase price.

Parents can also trade-in boots, skis, and snowboards. The trade-ins only apply to new Outpost equipment, not our swap items, and are good for two years after the original purchase time. You also don’t need to change all the equipment at once, if your kids outgrow their boots but not their skis you only need to trade-in the boots. Our program only applies to kids 12 years old and younger so it’s better to start the program at a younger age so you can save more through the years.

We only apply the trade-ins to our new equipment because we know that for children, newer equipment is better. It’s important to stay up to date on the newest gear because as the technology of skis, snowboards, and boots changes, their level of safety, comfortability, and performance goes up. Specifically, newer boots are always the warmest and most comfortable because they haven’t been worn in yet. When the kids are happy and warm on the slopes, the parents are also happy on the slopes, and everyone can have a fun day.

At Outpost we want kids to become better skiers and boarders and learn about their equipment and the importance of always having properly fitted equipment. They are the future of winter sports, and we want to help provide the best experience possible for them to continue to enjoy their time on the slopes.

If you want to learn more, feel free to give us a call at 970-225-1455.

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