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Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boots

You can kiss cold ski toes away this season when you slip your feet into Salomon’s brand new custom heated boots! The Salomon X Pro boots allows skiers to improve the skiing experience by adjusting the heat settings of their boots throughout the day using the Custom Heat Connect app.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Download the Custom Heat Connect app to your smartphone

Step 2: Pair your compatible ski boots to the app using Bluetooth.

Step 3: Set your ideal temperature inside your liners. The system will regulate and maintain this temperature throughout the day, adjusting to the cold temperatures outside and warm food and bathroom breaks inside.

Step 4: Schedule your boots to align with your ski day! You can use the programmable function to define the beginning and end of your day so that they are heated from the very first time you step into them. Then at the end of the day you won’t have to remember to shut the heating system off.

Step 5: Forgot to heat your boots? Set your app to the “full power” setting which will allow your boots to reach maximum heat (77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Step 6: Enjoy the ski day!

Head to Outpost Sunsport to try these boots on for yourself! We have a full range of sizes available for both men and women. We would love to help you find the perfect fit for your ski day and have the technology available to heat the liner of your boot to customize the shell to your foot.

More details on the Salmon X Pro: The Salomon X Pro Custom Heat is perfect for the intermediate to advanced skier who is looking to get a lot of long ski days in each year. The custom heat technology is an all-in-one heated liner with batteries with twin frame construction that efficiently transfers energy from the skier to the skis. The 360 shell allows the shell to be molded to eliminate pressure points. Custom shell on cuff allows the cuff to custom mold. The 3D Pro Liner is 60 percent thermoformable foam allowing for a custom fit in the shin, ankle pocket and toes. An oversized pivot improves lateral stiffness increasing response and control. Flex adjust allows for the flex to be soften up to 10 points.

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