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Outpost Sunsport Presents: Powder Play! Meet Jimmy

Powder Play!

In recognition of January being "Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month," Outpost Sunsport and Colton Media Productions are sponsoring the documentation of a local Northern Colorado resident as he learns to ski.

Meet: Jimmy



My name is Jimmy and I’m a 19-year-old Biology and Psychology student at CSU.

I moved to Colorado in 2009 from Pennsylvania and have wanted to go skiing since I moved here but haven’t had the opportunity to until now.

Outpost Sunsport has given me a season ski rental and I purchased a season pass for Copper Mountain. I am really nervous but very excited to learn. I’m sure the first time I go, I will fall a ton but I am a determined that I’ll be able to succeed.

Colton Media Productions owner, Chris, will be teaching me and filming my progress and I hope that my you enjoy following along! The first time I am going to hit the slopes will be Sunday, December 2, so look forward to an update after that!

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