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Picture Organic Clothing joins the fight against climate change!

Picture Organic Clothing

At Picture Organic Clothing, their end products span far beyond creating quality clothing designed to keep you warm during the winter months. Holding our outdoor playground at the top of the pedestal, Picture is developing next-generation products that will help to fight climate change.

Believing that the fight against climate change is more than just a simple point of view, the employees at Picture are tackling this environmental crisis under the scope that it is their obligation to step up and make change. According to the International Energy Agency, more than 80% of all carbon emissions in the world come from burning fossil fuels. Therefore, at Picture they approach every aspect of their business, from sourcing materials to packaging and shipping, with the intent to wipe out fossil fuels, including oil.

In efforts to accomplish this, 100% of their products are made from recycled, organic or bio-sourced materials:

  • Organic – 65% of the cotton used in Picture products is organic. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 46%.
  • Recycled – 67% of the polyester used to make technical line of apparel is recycled from plastic bottles. Picture uses 50 recycled bottles to make one jacket.
  • Animal – 100% of the wool and leather Picture uses contains no harmful chemicals or substances and comes from suppliers that treat their animals humanely.

However, they don’t plan to stop there. Although using recycled materials from plastic bottles allows Picture to considerably reduce impact on the environment, plastic bottles are still petroleum-based waste products. The long-term plan is to move away from this all together.

They intend to increase the use of bio-sourced materials and have already began to implement this using:

  • Castor Oil – Picture is on the forefront of resurfacing the use of castor seed to make clothes. The concept originated in the 1950’s but was overshadowed with the arrival of plastics. 70 years later, Picture is proud to revive this process using castor oil as a renewable technology to help catapult the movement away from oil dependency.
  • Eicoprene – Newly stepping into the surf-industry, Picture is attempting to set a new standard in the materials used to make wetsuits. Instead of using neoprene, which is petroleum-based, eicoprene is made from a mix of limestone and recycled tires. As Picture dives deeper into the surf-industry, they hope to work in unison with others in the industry to make using materials like this the norm and effect change together.

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