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Powder Play! Take 1 With Jimmy

As we mentioned in our last blog post, in recognition of January being "Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month," Outpost Sunsport and Colton Media Productions are sponsoring the documentation of a local Northern Colorado resident as he learns to ski.

On Sunday, Jimmy took his first trip up and down (and upside down) on the mountain. Strapped into his skis, with help from Copper Mountain Ski Instructor Chris, Jimmy didn't do half bad.

"Sunday was my first time skiing and I loved it. I was really nervous when I got to the mountain. I kept worrying about falling off the ski lift, not being able to turn or stop and falling down. We started at the easiest hill Copper had and Chris from Copper Mountain taught me how to stop and turn. I fell down a few times but nothing major. Then we decided to try the ski lift. I was really embarrassed because they had to stop the lift for me to get on. We made it to the top and as I started going down, I picked up a lot of speed and it was really hard for me to stop. It took about 2 hours for me to finally get my speed under control, and I had a few scares that when I was going too fast. I was worried about hitting people when I was going fast. After I thought I was getting the hang of it, I hit a patch of ice and flipped and fell very hard. I had to stop for the day after that because I was very sore and tired but I am looking forward to trying again this weekend."



Outpost Sunsport Learning to Ski - Dec 1 from Chris Colton on Vimeo

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