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Powder Play! Take 2 - There

Despite the lack of snow, Jimmy has continued on his adventure to learn how to ski. The recent snowfall has made things even more interesting, and Jimmy has some insight into trying to learn to ski with different types of snow.

This weekend I went skiing and it was an entirely different experience. There was finally snow in the mountains! Instead of the compacted, icy, snow I learned to ski on at first, it was powder. It took me a while to get used to it. We spent the morning going down a few greens while I was getting used to the different feel of the snow. One guy got really close behind me and hit my skis. I almost fell but I was able to hold myself up. After lunch, we decided to try a blue. The first time I tried it, it had really nice snow and when I did a wide turn, it was ok. The second run down it, it was all icy and bad so I wasn’t able to turn as well and ended up going really fast down the mountain. It was pretty scary because I was going what felt like 30 MPH straight downhill. When I finally got down that trail, we tried a slightly harder trail. Everyone was going so fast past me and I felt out of place but I kept going. I fell about 3 times the couple times I went down that trail. I had a lot fun but I still need to learn how to keep my speed under control. I occasionally will not be able to turn and that is something I need to work on the next time I go.


OS02A-1-2.mp4 from Chris Colton on Vimeo

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